Top 10 Expertnaire Courses For Affiliate Marketers (Sell & Earn Fast!)

How to Register Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Network

With the current inflation of good and services in Nigeria and the increased rate of poverty in the country, so many people are looking for ways they could actually turn around their financial situation for the better. You see most people today turning to the internet, “Google” precisely to search for ways they can make money online from home in Nigeria. If you are reading this, then I can assure you that you are onto the right article. This article is aimed at showing you how you can make legitimate money on a safe and secured affiliate marketing network in Nigeria (expertnaire) working as an affiliate marketer.

I am sure you know what affiliate marketing entails? Well if you don’t, affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which a marchants rewards you for each customers that you bring in. you bring a customer, when they signup or buy a product you get rewarded.

That’s easy right? Yes, you can become affiliate marketer and live a life of your dream. Think about successful affiliate marketers like Pat Flynn and Nail patel. They make 6–7 figure income monthly recommending products to customers.

So what if I told you that if you become an affiliate marketer you can earn as much as N320,000 in less than a month would you believe that? Yes it’s possible.

Have you heard about Expertnaire before? It’s a legitimate platform (founded by Nigeria expert digital marketer Toyin Omotoso) that gives you an edge to make good income just working from home and doing so little.Toyi Omotoso The best affiliate marketing platform now in Nigeria is Expertnaire. This platform gives you complete freedom to carry out any strategy you want to use in bringing customers and there is no limit to what you can earn in a month, imagine that!

There is a way you can achieve that on this platform, it is through the 72 Hour Income Generator Program.



I know by now you may be wondering what is it that you will be doing on this platform that will earn you such an amount, here is what you do.

On the Expertnaire platform you sell online courses which in turn will generate a very good amount of commissions weekly and directly to your bank account.

There are good programs and courses on expertnaire which can earn you a lot and they are also high in demand in Nigeria. Which will not be difficult for you to market it. Below are my favorite 10 courses which I recommend for you to start promoting once you claimed your expertnaire membership account today;

  1. Toyin Omotoso Sales and Marketing Course – N18,000, 50% Commission
  2. The foreign copywriting initiative – N15,000, 40% Commission
  3. Seminar income blueprint – N30,000, 40% Commission
  4. Instagram growth hack – N50,000, 50% Commission
  5. Forex coaching with Michael Olatunji—N100,000, 50% Commission
  6. The 7-figure exportation business coaching programs – NN29,999 with 40% commission
  7. Professional web designers/developers online training— N25,000, 25% Commission
  8. The millionaire facebook group training— N15,000, 50% Commission
  9. How to create PayPal account in Nigeria— N10,000, 50% Commission
  10. Blog cash university by Joe Okoro— N30,000, 40% commission


Expertnaire courses
You can see some of the courses here and their commissions



Expertnaire payment

Imagine referring someone through your social media handles, like your facebook, instagram or your twitter handle and then they eventually buy. Meanwhile, you have either made a 40% or a 50% commission from a single sale without going out, maybe, under the sun but from the comfort of your home.

So what if you refer more people and they keep buying, in a month you can make up to N375, 000 just from the comfort of your home, still wondering how? Here is the trick.

Probably, you referred someone to purchase the Canada immigration visa course and the person make a purchase, you will be rewarded with a 50% commission which is equivalent to N10,000 from the course which is sold at N20,000. So, imagine selling 50 courses online in a month. That is N10,000 x 50 which will earn you N500,000 cool cash in a month. Now you see, from this platform you can earn even more.

How does Expertnaire Affiliate Platform Work?

Just like any other affiliate marketing platform you have come across before, expertnaire works the same. When someone make a purchase through your referral link, you get commission(s) for your effort.

You don’t need to be an expert before you can join expertnaire affiliate marketing platform. Everything has been made easy for you. The vendor or seller of the course has already made a proper packages and tools needed for you to successfully promote his digital products.

All that is required of you is to bring potential buyers to the sales page through your affiliate link that would be given to you when you become a member of the platform.

As a member of the platform there are so many things that will be given to you, not just affiliate links.

  • High converting landing page (Free)
  • Videos (Free)
  • Testimonials (Free)
  • Free sales Addons (free)
  • Expert courses (Free)
  • Facebook ad copies (Free)
  • Email copies (Free)

With all these given to you, you do not need to know much in web design, landing pages, copywriting, funnels, sales or marketing. Once you become a member you will get access to all these marketing tools.

And to be honest with you, it will cost you nothing less than 100k+ Naira to hire expert just to setup a high converting landing page for you. But here you’re getting it for free plus other marketing tools.

If you are conservative you can join on a free membership base for two years to have access to free training and coaching by joining the 72IG program which you can sign up below.





How Do I Get Started?

I know this must be the question in your mind by now. To get started on the platform you need a registration fee of N10,000. When you fully get started/registered you will see a dashboard on the platform contains the following;

  • All Time Sales: this shows the amount of products you have sold on the platform.
  • All Time Earnings: this shows the amount you have made from the platform.
  • Account Balance: this shows your current account balance on the platform.
  • Next Payout: this shows the amount you are going to receive the following Friday from the platform.

You should also know that the platform makes payment to its members every Friday.

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If you want to start selling fast on the expertnaire platform, there are some courses on the platform that people are seriously looking for on udemy, coursera and the rest.

If you join the 72IG program it will definitely be of a benefit to you. One more SECRET!

Below are some of the best selling courses on expertnaire. Nigerian digital marketers are so much hungry to buy and it has drive in massive sales due to their demands in Nigeria.

10x eCommerce Complete Masterclass – N 35,000 with 40% commission

Youtube Profit Blueprint – N 30,000 with 40% commission

Guess how many people in Nigeria venturing into e-commerce business monthly (if not daily), guess how many YouTube account being created daily in Nigeria.

I bet you, these people are so eager to get access to high-value-packed courses in order to scale up their businesses to the next level. And believe me, expertnaire is your go-to-marketplace for scalable digital products in Nigeria.

What if you recommend these digital products to them using autopilot system which you’re going to learn from 72 income generator program.

From this listed price and commissions imagine how much you will be making monthly when you sell. You can easily get commissions like this within 3 days.

Affiliate income report


You do not need to quickly register on the expertnaire platform, all you need do is to sign up for the 72IG program instead. It is not just called the 72IG income generator for nothing.


It means within 72 hours (that’s about 3 days) you can start making a lot of money once you have gone through the program. Also, a link will be provided for your expertnaire affiliate dashboard where you will view all your referral reports and earnings.

You are wondering now? Yes! It is simple.

This program, “72IG income generator program” is the roadmap leading you to a SUCCESS if you are interested in joining Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform.

When you sign up, you will need to pay a yearly fee of N10,000 via direct registration which is not recommended for beginners. If you’re into affiliate marketing and you have knowledge in sales and marketing plus sales magnets, you can join via direct registration which will cost you N10,000 to have full access to the platform.

But, If you are new to affiliate marketing, you may be stuck on selling 10 Expertnaire products monthly whereas you find out that others are making millions from the platform and you may be wondering what you are doing wrong.

How to register expertnaire affiliate marketing network

The fact is, you are not doing anything wrong, you don’t just have the knowledge as to how you can start selling hot courses and make 5–6 figure income by leveraging other people’s work, energy and platform. Is that not cool?! 😎

To earn much on a monthly basis you need to go through the 72IG income generator program because, this program teaches you all you need to know about affiliate marketing and what you need to succeed as expertnaire affiliate marketer.

Some young entrepreneurs make this silly mistake thinking that they are SMART. They joined expertnaire affiliate marketing platform without going through the 72IG program and end up blaming nobody but themselves after struggling to make a sale. Eventually, they keep on getting zero result.

I will personally advice you to get a full information from this blueprint (72IG program) on how to successfully market expertnaire courses without hassle.

After going through the 72IG income generator program, you need to apply all the secrets and tips that you learnt.

It get better, if you sign up for 72IG income generator program today, you get Expertnaire two years FREE membership and also access to other super affiliate partners (group) where you can communicate with them and share thoughts, ideas and strategy with other experts.

As affiliate marketer in Nigeria, I was not born with the skills to earn income from affiliate marketing, I learnt it from the 72IG income generator program on Expertnaire.

Joining any affiliate program such as Expertnaire gives you an opportunity to earn money and become a part of this race to be financially free.

And to crown it all, you can do this from the comfort of your home whenever you feel like working.


Yes of course, I do have great offer for you. But, it’s only limited to today. If you register tomorrow no offer for you. But if you register now, below is what you will get from me:

  • 👉🏼Video training on how to completely create your online store using your smartphone without coding (Worth #45,000)
  • 👉🏼Video training on how to create your WhatsApp ecommerce store, connect payment gateway and generate receipt for your customers (Worth #29,000)
  • 👉🏼A complete ”Watch-Me-Doing” video training on how to design high converting sales page/funnel (Worth #150,000)
  • 👉🏼I will personally teach you how to write high converting sales copy (Worth #55,000)
  • 👉🏼Video training on beginner-to-pro Facebook Advertising (Worth #23,500)
  • 👉🏼video Training on Web Design and Graphics (Worth #17,500)
  • 👉🏼Video training on how to register your business/company name by yourself with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria (Worth #30,000)
  • 👉🏼My Complete email marketing video training on how to leverage email marketing to sell your products on automation (Worth #42,000)
  • 👉🏼Full access to my DIGITAL LIFESTYLE EBOOK— A complete guide on how to transform yourself from a job seeker, street hustler to online marketing entrepreneur (Worth #23,000)
  • My special life transforming gift for you (Worth #100,000). This gift will change your life if you know the value you will get from it.
  • TOTAL VALUE: N515,000 NAIRA😲

Just CLICK HERE to send me message on WhatsApp (with your registration proof) and I will instantly send all these bonuses to you. Register for 72IG program now and claim your offer!

See you at the top! Because that’s where I’m going now😎

BIlal Abdullahi

Bilal Abdullahi is one of the fast rising professional bloggers in the West African Region. He is a Nigerian, the founder of Campus Entrepreneurs Hub ( an inbound online platform that helps individuals to maximize their full potentials to become successful entrepreneurs and bloggers. He is an SEO expert, and also holds certificates in 3 different courses (Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing and Graphics Design), also a content creator and Facebook Ads expert. Currently working with six trained and dedicated team members who share the same vision and likewise passion.

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