Interview with Abdulrahman Adamu, CEO Haba’is Farms Enterprise

My Weekly Entreprenuer Interview Episode 006

M.Bashir: It is yet another segment of “My weekly Entrepreneur Interview”. Last week Thursday was amazing as we celebrates Nigeria Independence Day and thank you for sharing our article on Nigeria At 60. It’s great having you in our circle.

This week, our search for young entrepreneurs took us to the town of kagara, Niger state, where we meet yet another peculiar individual who has taken up the challenge and ventured into the entrepreneurial world.

I bring you Abdulrahman Adamu Kusherki CEO Haba’is Farms. Mr Abdulrahman it is lovely to have you here with us, thank you for taking the time. Tell us a little about yourself and Haba’is farms.

Mr. Abdulrahman: Thank you Mr. Muhammad. Firstly, I would like to extend my gratitude to you and the entire team of campus entrepreneurs’ hub for giving me this opportunity.

I pray that other young entrepreneurs out there would benefit immensely from my story. Thank you.

My name is Abdulrahman Adam Kusherki, a final year student at Government science secondary school Pyakasa, Abuja. I hail from Niger state but reside in the federal capital territory Abuja with my siblings and parents.

Haba'is farms enterprise

Haba’is Farms enterprises, is a small enterprise where we deal mainly with the production and processing of rice and catfish. It is located at Gidan Kaji, New Dam Road, Kagara, Niger state.

M.Bashir: Thank you Mr. Abdulrahman. You are yet another young entrepreneur with a successful business without even starting a higher institution. How were you able to do that?

Background of Haba’is farm

Mr. Abdulrahman: The idea of starting this business came to me after attending a day training program on fish farming out of curiosity.

With the little I learned, I recognized the opportunity therein and here we are today. Processing the cat fish (smoking) was an idea my dad brought and it has become an integral aspect contributing to the success of the business.

Also, the reason why I ventured to start a business is, it is an interesting part of a male child’s life to strive for success.

To be hardworking and proud of his achievements and to be independent, without relying on anyone for financial aid in terms of education and basic needs such as feeding and clothing.

M.Bashir: Wow! That is some inspirational words you just spewed out, Thank you. Rice production and fish farming, I absolutely know very little about those two activities. But I am sure just like every other business it has its hurdles. Share with us some of the challenges you faced and how you were able to overcome them.

Challenges faced and how he overcame them

Mr. Abdulrahman: Thank you. One of the major challenges I had was combining studies with business. I was a student attending a boarding school. I had no connection or access to my business while in school.




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But thank God for my father who not only gave me the needed capital to start the business, but has been there giving me both physical and financial support.

He is the reason why my business survived me going to school. Secondly, the business is located in a place where the locals couldn’t afford the products or didn’t care much for it due to their financial standing.

So, the product had to be moved to a market where there was demand for it. Alhamdulillah everything is falling in place and the business is sailing smoothly.

M.Bashir: Thank you and I wish you success in both your studies and business. You must have a marketing strategy, a means of telling the world “this is what I produce, and it is the best you can get out there”. Share with us the secret to your success.

Marketing Strategy

Mr. Abdulrahman: Actually, I mainly tell my friends and family, who help me spread the word. Plus sometimes I use my social media handle to market them and I ask my friends to share and repost.

Our products are one of the best and affordable products in the market so they basically sell themselves.

M.Bashir: Thank you so much for sharing that with us. I am sure you must have a dream, where you expect Haba’is farm to be in a couple of years. What is our Vision for Haba’is farm?


My vision for Haba’is farm is to become a successful and large enterprise where I can employ a couple of workers. And also, I’m working towards expanding to other farm products. I pray I get there someday.

M.Bashir: Wow! I wish u success and best of luck. Finally Mr. Abdulrahman, a word of advice to students, youths and young entrepreneurs out there.

Words of encouragement

My advice is, you don’t necessarily have to go to school to make it in life, as such make use of all the opportunities that come your way and don’t wait until you graduate before you do that. Thank you and May God bless you.

M.Bashir: Thank you Mr. Abdulrahman it was so nice having you here with us. We wish you success and blessings. Thank you. To our viewers, happy Independence Day. Don’t forget to comment, subscribe and follow us on twitter. See you next week on another amazing segment of My Weekly entrepreneur Interview. I remain your host Muhammad Bashir Muhammad


Phone: +2348055071622

Address: Gidan kaji, New dam road, Kagara local government, Niger state

Facebook: Haba’is farm 

Muhammad Bashir

Entrepreneur, techie, amateur Writer and upcoming inventor. Believe in the ripple effect of doing good and the consequence of every action. Studying Computer Engineering at Bayero University Kano.

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