make money online from home (9 profitable side hustle)

9 lucrative side hustle for college students

Do you want to learn other ways to make money online from home apart from your 9_5 job? Are you a student or a house wife and you want to be making cool cash at home or school? Today we are going to discuss a side hustle you can start that won’t affect your job.

Side hustle is another way to make money online from home and add to your income without much stress. From these our top side hustle reviews, you will find some online courses attached to our reviews because we believe that you might be interested in our recommended high-value courses.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate link and we may earn a little commission when you make a purchase at no cost to you.

The internet has provided us with a lot of opportunities on how to make money online without paying anything but to be honest with you, if you’re looking for how to make quick money in one day cehub might not be a right place for you as we can’t promise you a get-rich-quick scheme on this platform.

Below is the most popular side hustle in the country that can make you money from home.

1. Freelancing

This is one of the top side hustle you can engage in. Once you are familiar with a high in demand skill then freelancing is one of the best options for you. You can sell your skill for a very handsome amount on different sites. For example,


These are examples of sites that you can offer your skill. There are hundreds of skills you can offer, freelancing is here to stay, because everyday people look for those with skills to solve their problems. Sign up for freelance Masterclass.

2. Blogging (best online marketing strategy)

Aside from blogging as a hobby, lifestyle or sharing your personal experience. It’s a skill that can generate a lot of money for you.

Of course, blogging is one of the top side hustle in Nigeria and the world at large. Many are making millions from this skill, the likes of:

  • Linda Ikeji (
  • Seyi Makinde (
  • Bilal Abdullahi ( etc.

These are people that have made a name in blogging. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with blogging.

Blogging In Demand is an ultimate guide on how to launch, nurture and growth your niche/business blog even if it’s your first time streaming on the internet.

We have packaged a step-by-step guides (32 screen guides) on how to set up your niche blog in 10 min.

Plus niche ideas focused on passion, demand and earning potential for you to make a perfect decision before embarking on blogging journey.

Additionally, we explained (why) and recommend our best web hosting company to host your business blog.

Eventually, you will find the one we use and why we chose them from our blogging eBook.

There are people who are aware of blogging, have a blog, have been working on the blog but still not making a dime from it. Don’t worry we got you covered.

Our CEO (Bilal Abdullahi) is a seasoned blogger who knows his onions and is happy to be of help.

You can book a consultation session with him or get access to his years of experience and secret in a comprehensive ebook.

Learn more on how Bilal scaled from $0.00 to 6-figure income online in 2020 and grab a failproof marketing strategy he used to drive in 1.5m naira from selling a single digital product online. Sign up for Niche Rocket. 

3. Copywriting (where the secret lies)

Copywriting should not be confused with copyright. Copyright is legal rights to reproduce someone’s works, copy writing is simply using written words to convince potential customers to patronize you. It is a process of writing advert copy.

A copywriter is a salesperson. You don’t need a qualification to be a copywriter. But you may decide to acquire online certificate in order to improve your skills with copywriting courses and position yourself as an expert.

You just need to learn and master the skill. Many of the world’s best copywriters didn’t learn the skill at school. Copy writers like Dan Lok and Neil Patel simply learnt and mastered the skill online.

What do copywriters do????

They write sales copy, ad copy, product description and a lot more.

A copywriter is capable of converting readers to customers through sales copy. Copy writing is highly profitable and high in demand.

You can sell your skill on freelancing sites such as and as mentioned earlier. Sign up for copywriting masterclass.

4. Affiliate marketing (smart passive income model)

Affiliate marketing is selling people’s products for a commission. This might be a digital product or a physical product.

Affiliate marketing is regarded as the lazy-man-way of making money on the internet. In affiliate marketing, you just have to look for company products that you can easily sell. You also have to consider their commission rate.

Popular affiliate networks include:

  • And others.

However, if you’re blogging in Nigeria we recommend expertnaire as it’s of the best affiliate network in Nigeria with high paying commissions. It’s highly recommended to join through expertnaire 72 income generation program.

These are sites that enable you to sell others products and they pay good commission fees. Sign up for expertnaire affiliate network.

5. Online Courses Creation

Developing and selling online courses is another good side hustle that can make you passive income from home.

Online courses are training packed in digital form such as PDF, videos, podcast etc.

Online courses are high in demand because everyone is learning and wants to improve.

For example, if you are good in graphics design, you can develop and sell your courses on sites like and or you can sell on social media sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

Well, I believe that you may have a particular skill that you want to create your first online course and make money from it. There is no doubt that a single course can make you 7-figure online when a proper marketing strategy is being implemented.

Eventually, online courses creation entails a lot of expertise, case studies/survey, investment and of course, patience. Truth is that, it’s not as easy as the name implied. This doesn’t mean I’m trying to discourage you and I believe you will not be happy when you find yourself struggling hard to get customers to buy your online course.

There are lot of systems and strategies needed before you can make your first sell promoting your course online. Before, you can do this, it’s mandatory to build trust, have business personality and business authority which will make you to standout among your competitors.

As a beginner we recommend getting started with Virtual Coaching Program which is far easier than creating online course and we would keep you updated on how to land your first course into online marketing as a beginner. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog. Sign up for virtual coaching program.

6. Social media marketing and management

Honestly, if you are not making money on social media, you are losing a lot. Five hours are spent on social media by the average person.

Mostly on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. What you don’t know is that people are actually making money on these platforms by helping individuals and companies to manage their account or to have their product marketed.

I know individuals that charge 20k+ naira to manage a Facebook or Instagram account. This is one of the best side hustle you can actually make money online from.

Instead of wasting your data and time on social media, you can learn the art and smile to the bank. Here is a broad and detailed guides on how to create Facebook group and monetize it. Sign up for Facebook group masterclass.

7. Graphics design (Simple and Lucrative)

Sweet, stup*d and high in demand skill. This is another simple skill you can make cool cash with.

Look around the fliers, posters, banners, and bill boards you often see on the road side. In fact, you have been coming across an e-flier on your friend’s status everyday.

They are actually designed by someone and the person was paid well. Nowadays, the advance in technology resulted in developing and inventing compatible apps/softwares that can be operated on smartphones.

You don’t need a desktop to do graphics design, most graphics design is done on the smartphone. I personally enjoy creating book covers using my smartphone.

I’m going to show you some examples below. Just keep following!

If you know your onions, you can charge as much as 5k-100k (naira) per design.

A colleague of mine made 800k from a client through this skill. The skill is easy to learn and also high in demand. Sign up for graphic design masterclass.

8. Mentorship program/Seminar

This is the upper class of digital training. In the mentorship program, the training is done one-on-one instead of a group training.

Mentorship program is a cash machine for the wise and if you are an expert and you know your onions in your skill like social media marketing then you can charge as much as you think it’s enough for your services.

John obidi charges about 30k for his time, Dan Lok charges $15k for his time.
You may decide to charge your client(s) per hour, day, or month depending on your schedule.

In digital training, you can charge 5k for group training but in a mentorship program it will cost about 30k+. You can see the difference.

Mentorship can be done on Instagram, whatsapp, zoom or any other platform if you want to host a co-worker to share his or her experience with your audience/clients. Sign up for mentorship/seminar masterclass.

9. Digital product creation (outsource, create and sell)

Selling digital products such as ebooks is a good home business. Selling digital products is very easy because there is no capital, no delivery fee and other charges.

You can create an ebook with your smartphone in any niche and sell as high as you desire. I personally use to edit book covers and transform into 3Dmockups using

Here is an example for you!

Book cover design
CREDIT: (Simple 2D Book Cover Design)
3D mockups
CREDIT: (simple 3D book cover design)

Guess what?

It took me less than 5 min to design this simple book cover using my smartphone. Do you know that hundreds of digital marketers, authors and bloggers don’t know how to design a simple book cover like this?

I have been using these two simple tools (that cost me nothing) to design book cover for authors and bloggers and charge them respectively.

You can also use WPS to create your ebooks, and the cover design can be done using canva. I mostly write on online opportunities and I sell my ebooks for #3000+, so if I sell 10 copies I make #30000 for just a book that cost me nothing to produce, you can see how profitable the business is. Here is one more secret, you don’t actually need to write the book yourself. You can use auto book marketing strategy to drive passion income online in less than 7 days. Sign up for auto book masterclass.

There are a lot of side hustle online you can engage in to make money online from home. Apart from the ones mentioned above, others include:

Other internet marketing to make money online from home

However, the internet marketing listed below may require a little investment to keep it moving but also gives you a good return on investment (ROI)  when the required efforts is being put into place.

1.Youtube marketing

2. e-commerce business

3. Forex trading

4. Information marketing 

5. Exportation Business


At cehub, we will update you on the best opportunities. If you need help to start or you want us to guide you, you can easily contact us via email to book a consultation.

Due to the fact that we publish new expert tips on how to make money online from home base on our content calendar, we would like to share more tips with you on how to make money online from home legitimately.

For more advanced money making strategies, plus a checklist on how to run a success business online while working from home.

Are you making your dream (passive) income right now, what skill(s) and which monetization techniques drive more passive income for you. Please share your experience with us in a comment box below. And don’t forget to share….see YOU next time!

Abubakar Idris

Content creator and CEO of "Abk Digital class" where I teach my students skills needed to make money online. I work online for a living and I’m generally passionate about the internet and how it works. I started my career online in 2018 and ever since then, I’ve never for once looked back despite all the challenges I encountered as a young entrepreneur.

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