Top 5 entertainment blogs in Nigeria that rock the industry

Blog has become a source of income to many and others see it as an avenue for information gathering and entertainment purposes.

A means of communication and it also serves as one’s personal diary. Some describe the uses to be limitless. Ranging from news, health, sport, business to entertainment; it’s all about choice, you can choose to be a fan of whichever.

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Blogging is a powerful tool that can empower people. Not easy to run but with dedication and consistency you can become master of the game. How good you are draws more attention.

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Some entrepreneurs with the intention of making cool money from online businesses and activists wishing to voice out their opinions venture into blogging. As a matter of fact, Nigerians are rated to be among the successful bloggers in Africa.

Entertainment is one sector in Nigeria that is growing everyday. Everybody is involved in it and almost all wants to be part of the trend. Once upon a time, the entertainment industry was regarded with little respect and was less valued.

Celebrities were not so big and little or no attention was paid to them. Same story can not be told today. Reverse is now the case, the industry has received tremendous growth overtime.

Premiumtimesng reported on December 29th, 2018.

Current trends have also shown an increase in the demand for Nigerian films and music. However, this may be a result of the unprecedented popularity of the practitioners, especially on social media


It has experienced a remarkable development such that it is now widely recognized. This has also led to the massive increase of entertainment bloggers in the country with some giving attention to a particular niche, while others focused on running a multiniche blog.

Although many entertainment blogs are in existence for a decade in Nigeria but not all are successful or have that quality content which gives satisfaction.

The successful ones are those that receive a lot of traffic, rank higher on major search engines and perform the purposes for which they were created for.

Such as providing up-to-date information and serving current trends right on the table of their fans. This article is set to give an insight on some of the best entertainment blogs you can visit in Nigeria.

Blogs are selected base on search engine ranking, monthly page views, their high potential in revenue generation and the influence they have on their readers.

To find the most interesting things about your favorite Nigerian entertainment blogs, the blogs listed below can aid you in achieving that.


List of top 5 entertainment blogs in Nigeria that rock the industry




Naijaloaded is one of the best entertainment blogs in Nigeria with a large number of daily traffic.

Founded in 2009 by Makinde Azeez with the purpose of playing multiple roles by hyping Nigerian music, videos, daily news, gossip to Nigerians at home and abroad.

The blog is known mainly for dishing hot and current events, happenings concerning Nigeria’s world of entertainment on daily basis.

According to RanksNG and Alexa, is among the best entertainment blogs in Nigeria.

Over the years, Naijaloaded has grown big to meet the increasing needs of information gathering and entertainment thirst of the audience.

It has steadily grown to be the most visited website in Nigeria with over 120 million page views monthly.

Due to their outstanding performance, the blog won the best Nigerian online platform in 2010, just a year after it was launched.

Also in 2013, the online platform won the best music and video website. All these achievements can be attributed to their best service delivery and their contributions to the world of entertainment.

Formerly known as forum, Naijaloaded suffered a couple of bad experiences with issues of hackers.

This ugly incident brought about the conversion of the forum into a blog. However, the forum had already accumulated over one million users in such a short period of time.

Naijaloaded is the major player in the Nigerian music niche. The unique thing about it is that it also gives attention to entertainment news.

The site was hacked by some unknown groups in 2012 but was rectified within a short period of time.

Naijaloaded is currently running on two domains: and


Entertainment is the art of fun
Entertainment is the art of fun




Here is another online portal in Nigeria, Africa inclusive. The online platform is known for currency and timeliness.

The blog is so energetic as latest and trending entertainment gists, gossips, concerning celebrities, actors and actresses are their major focus.

Birthed first in 2006 by the mother of Nigerian bloggers (Linda Ikeji) and was fully active in 2007 giving more emphasis to gossip. Lindaikejisblog called by lovers with the pet name of “LIB”.

The blog has risen to the point of not only dealing with entertainment but has also been involved in covering hard news.

This has drawn the attention of thousands of people from the African continent who troop into the media site on a daily basis.

The blog is also the number one source for corporate advertisers in Nigeria.
On October 8, 2014, the blog was shut down for undisclosed reasons but was restored on the 10th of October in the same year. is the domain name and it currently commands nothing less than 100 millions of page views monthly.




This is another popular blog created by three geniuses in their respective fields. Noble Igwe who specialized in advertising and events, Tonia Soarse a creative and editorial expert and music buff, and Oye Akinde in April 2010.

They came up with a blog which revolves around entertainment and lifestyle.

With 360nobs, you can be rest assured of up-to-date and well researched information. They provide the exact information that the fans need and what they need to know.

In their efforts to bring further entertainment and load the brain of their fans with information, has numbers of talented columnists and other contributing writers as well as an interesting and very interactive community (Kingdom360) that can give more laughter. They also provide fresh interviews of various actors and actresses.

The fascinating nature of 360nobs lies in their capability to create media attention thereby improving the reputation and awareness of their clients and brands.

Their major focus and specialist are artist management, event activation, social media, online marketing, entertainment consulting, public relations, magazine blog and entertainment & brand strategy.




A music and review website launched in September, 2010 by Olutayo Duncan Sotubo well-known as “Tyler”. Tooxclusive known majorly for organising its yearly Tooxclusive online music awards.

They are regarded as the number one source for pan-African music entertainment, reviews, trending news and celebrity updates is an online portal that gives exclusive opportunities to music listeners around the globe to download music videos and the website has received the nominations of best music website of the year.




Is an inspiring, informative and entertainment portal created on the 1st of July, 2006 by Uche Pedro. It started as a blogger blog with a free domain: (

Being a lover of Nigeria, the growth of the country gave Uche Pedro a killer idea to start blogging on things that represent the exciting young vibes of Nigeria.

The blog was mainly focused on specific Nigerian news, features, music, events, movie and TV style, beauty, weddings, career, celebrity gossip etc. Bellanaija blog keeps people updated on current trends on social issues and also inspires the youths to spread more information with the most popular network.

Amongst the top 5 entertainment blogs in Nigeria, bellanaija is one of the leading blogs in Nigeria and has shown to many that it has what it takes to compete with other top entertainment blogs.


You might be wondering why we started celebrating campus entrepreneurs hub (cehub) with top notch blogs in Nigeria.

Well, there is a need to share the experience with you, to know who and who were in the game before we joined.

As an entrepreneur, digital marketer or a blogger, you need a place to hang around off your office. In this regard, we are not talking about a restaurant or a coffee joint.

Meanwhile, a cyber space that bring every virals, news, events and music to your doorstep without stepping out of your room looking for a taxi that will ‘wheel you down’ to millennium’s club.

Hope you enjoy our handpicked top 5 entertainment blogs in Nigeria that really really kill the entertainment industry

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