What is Stakecut affiliate marketing?

Stakecut affiliate platform

Stakecut is a market place that enable businesses, vendors or affiliate marketers to promote, and sell their products and services to different customers in Africa.

At stakecut, users don’t have to worry about using any foreign online payment gateway like PayPal and MoneyGram.

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Stakecut platform is easy to access with just your email address and password. It is created to ease the distribution of digital and physical products across Africa and the world at large.

The developers at Stakecut made the dashboard of their partners very user-friendly and straightforward, as it is easy to operate even if you don’t know 1 + 1.

As a Stakecutter, you can choose to be a vendor if you’re a business owner or service provider and of course, you have irresistible offer that your audience might love to partner with you as an affiliate and help you push out the product and make money for you and for themselves.

Or you can simply become an affiliate marketer, build an audience, service them with massive value and sell your Stakecut affiliate products to make extra income for yourself.

In any way, stakecut only makes money when you make sales.

Being a vendor at stakecut, you can promote and build your business by simply copy and paste just one line of code on your sales page, which will enable you to distribute all your products and services across different part of the world.

As an affiliate marketer on stakecut, you would have the chance to get the best resources and training for free in the Stakecut university. Meanwhile, you can access all these training packages directly from your dashboard.

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Interestingly, there is no restriction or limitations to sales. You can close a deal and get paid directly into your Nigerian bank account or directly into your dollar account (if you have any) thereby boycotting the restriction of online payment gateway like PayPal aypal, Skrill, Pioneer, MoneyGram, etc. 

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What makes me fall in love with Stakecut affiliate platform is, you have an added advantage to promote/sell physical products as an affiliate marketer or as a vendor, especially if you’re dealing with e-commerce business model.

When you encounter any difficulty on Stakecut, their customer support team are there for you. They have very good customer service. They reply to you as soon as your request hits their DM.

The most exciting thing about stakecut is that they render all their services for free.

Right from your signing up as a vendor or an affiliate, earning from your commission, including the series of training they offer to both partners.

And you must not have a business or capital to start making money legitimately on Stakecut as an affiliate.

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Stakecut is surely an opportunity for young people out there to boost their business and earn some income with just their smartphone.

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